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Precision Photometrics supplies a range of high-performance products for light measurement applications. With more than twenty years of experience in developing photometric & spectroradiometric systems, you can trust Precision Photometrics to deliver the best value equipment for your application.

Whether in research and development, manufacturing or calibration and test, we can offer high-quality products and support tailored to

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Compact UV-Vis Spectroradiometer

Scanning Double Spectrometer

Our new double monochromator spectroradiometer is one of the smallest of its type in the world.

Compact UV-Vis Spectroradiometer

Field Spectroscopy

The Spectra Vista “i-series” of portable field spectroradiometers and accessories have specifications and features ideally suited to the demands of field spectroscopy.

Compact UV-Vis Spectroradiometer

On-site Measurement Service

We offer an on-site service for spectral irradiance measurements using our high precision double-monochromator spectroradiometer with calibration traceable to NPL standards.