Remote Sensing Field Spectroscopy

The HR-series of field spectroradiometers from Spectra Vista combine the latest technology required to produce exceptional quality spectral reflectance, radiance or irradiance data (350 - 2500nm) in the field or laboratory.

  • Field-portable and light-weight
  • All photodiode array sensors, temperature regulated
  • Internal digital camera
  • Built-in LCD graphic display
  • Bluetooth or USB interfaces
  • GPS data stamping
  • Automatic metadata
  • Large range of optional accessories

Full-Range Instruments

ModelRangeDescriptionProduct PDF
XHR‑1024i350‑2500nmThe SVC XHR-1024i provides enhanced spectral resolution across the full spectral range while retaining the superior qualities delivered by our SVC HR-1024i.
HR‑1024i350‑2500nmThe SVC HR-1024i provides high spectral resolution field and laboratory measurements covering the 350 nm to 2500 nm spectral region. With built in LCD, GPS, and Camera.
HR‑768i350‑2500nmThe SVC HR-786i full range (350nm to 2500nm) spectroradiometer supports field or laboratory measurements appropriate for most typical agricultural and plant measurements.
HR‑768si350‑1900nmThe SVC HR-786si is unmatched for high resolution field measurements between 350nm and 1900nm.
HR‑640i350‑2500nmThe SVC HR-640i is a full range 350nm to 2500nm region instrument with medium spectral resolution in the SWIR region.

VIS/NIR Instruments

ModelRangeDescriptionProduct PDF
HR‑512i350‑1050nmThe SVC HR-512i VNIR instrument covers the spectral region from 350 nm to 1050 nm. This instrument is excellent for many agricultural applications.
GER‑1500350‑1050nmThe SVC GER-1500 is unmatched for high resolution field measurements between 350nm and 1050nm, setting a new standard within the remote sensing community.
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