Gooch & Housego - Calibration Standards

Gooch & Housego (formerly Optronic Laboratories) are a recognized worldwide leader in high quality spectroradiometric, radiometric, and photometric standards, and offer one of the most complete selections of calibration standards in the industry. For almost 40 years, the company has been in the forefront of developing and supplying NIST-traceable standards for precise and accurate calibration of optical radiation measurement instrumentation.

  Spectral Irradiance & Illuminance Standards
  Precision Lamp DC Current Source
  Spectral Radiance & Luminance Sphere Sources
  Total Spectral Flux Standards for Integrating Sphere Systems

Spectral irradiance & illuminance standards:-

  OL FEL, 1KW high accuracy irradiance standard. Data sheet.
  OL 100, 1KW solar constant irradiance standard. Data sheet.
  OL 200 / 220 / 245, high accuracy irradiance standards. Data sheet.
  OL 345, rugged radiometric and photometric calibration standards. Data sheet.
  OL 752-10 / 752-12, plug-in standards of spectral irradiance. Data sheet.
  OL UV-40, deuterium ultraviolet radiometric calibration standards. Data sheet.
  Lamp mounts and alignment jigs

Precision DC current sources:-

  OL 410-1000, 1KW programmable DC current source. Data sheet.
  OL 410, 150 & 200W Precision DC Lamp sources. Data sheet.

Spectral radiance & luminance calibration sphere sources (4-18" diameter):-

  OL 455, Radiance & luminance calibration sphere standard. Data sheet.
  OL 455-6KSA, Ultra-high uniformity calibration sphere standard. Data sheet.
  OL 462, Automated high-intensity radiance sphere calibration standard. Data sheet.
  OL 466, Automated low light level integrating sphere standard. Data sheet.
  OL 468-39, OL 468-39 Wide FOV automated iIntegrating sphere standard. Data sheet.