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  Ultra High Uniformity Calibration Standard
  Motorized Integrating Sphere
  White LED-based Calibration Standard
  SVC 512i Field Spectroradiometer

OL 455-6KSA Ultra-High Uniformity Calibaryion Standard

OL 455-6KSA Ultra-High Uniformity Calibration Standard

Through years of experience in producing high accuracy calibration standards Gooch & Housego Instruments now offers the new OL 455-6KSA radiance sources incorporating three new extremely innovative design features:
– It has a unique elongated sphere design. This elongation of the sphere reduces the non-uniformity by a remarkable factor of 10X.
– The unit comes with a new aperture drive design, which increases the accuracy while dramatically shortening the seek time for finding a specific luminance target.
– It also has is a heated monitor detector which holds the detector at a steady temperature to reduce settling time and non-linearity as you increase or decrease luminance.

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Motorized 2 Metre Dia. Integrating Sphere

OL IS-7600AM Motorized Integrating Sphere

Gooch & Housego Instruments now offers motorized large integrating spheres. Coupled to our high performance OL 770 multi-channel spectroradiometer, they are ideal for IES LM-79 compliant testing of your large sources and luminaires. All sphere designs feature innovative baffling and port design for optimal uniform spatial response, are coated with our proprietary Optolon2 coating’s broad spectral response, and are built to the highest quality standards for tough production environments. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your critical product measurement and testing. Click on image below to watch video.

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White LED-based Calibration Standard

OL 458-4F White LED-based Calibration Standard

The OL 458-4F is a NIST-traceable white LED-based integrating sphere calibration standard, designed for accurately calibrating micro- and telephotometers, image intensifiers, and imaging photometers. A proprietary design allows for true continuous spectrum across the visible range. Precision source temperature control delivers extremely stable output over long periods of usage. The design and output are customizable upon request.

Next Generation Portable Field Spectroradiometer

SVC 512i Field Spectroradiometer

Spectra Vista have launched the latest model to their next generation "i" series of field spectroradiometers. The 512i measures spectral radiance and reflectance over the visible and near infra-red range and includes features:-

  • Interchangeable fore-optics or fibre optic optic probe
  • Internal GPS with automatci data stamping
  • Internal digital camera
  • Built in colour LCD graphic display for stand alone mode
  • Bluetooth or USB interfaces for PC or PDA remote control
  • Large range of optional accessories

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